This Cafe project is a beautiful representation of bringing an old building and old concrete to life again. 

This space was most recently used as a retail space with floor coverings, however at some stage in the building's life it was home to a butcher shop.  This is an important part of the history of this building, and it is also an important part of what made up the composition of the concrete that was to be polished.

Once the floor coverings were removed, it exposed worn, tired floor with concrete that had been in place for many years, and had been poured over different stages of the building's life. 

During the time in which this building served as a butcher shop it appears to have had a serving and preparation area, which would have been exposed to larger amounts of water on a regular basis.  This exposure to water over time changed the density of the top layer of concrete.  This softened the concrete in that particular area, making the polishing process more difficult due to the varying densities that were present across the existing concrete floor.

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The initial grinding of this concrete floor removed any high areas, leveling and flattening the surface.  Grinding the top layer of the concrete uncovered random areas of exposed aggregate and other areas with no stone exposure which is also known as Minimal Exposure.

This exposed concrete was then taken through the intricate process of grouting to fill pin holes and imperfections as well as densification which hardens the concrete's surface.  The concrete floor was then polished to a Matte Finish,  and finished with two coats of penetrating sealer making it stain and slip resistant.

The end product is a beautiful, stain and slip resistant, low maintenance polished concrete floor that is hard wearing for the large volume of customers that will come and go from this Cafe on a daily basis.

This polished concrete floor was polished using the PYRAFloor Polishing System.  This system is a process which hardens and protects and seals the concrete floor for durability, long lasting, low maintenance space which is slip resistant and stain resistant.  

Key Details:

  • Polished Concrete Floor

  • Salt n Pepper Exposure

  • Matte Finish

  • PYRAFloor Polshing System

  • Slip & Stain Resistant

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