This Entry was completed as part of the external works of the larger extension being undertaken on the residence by Craig and the team at CDW Building.   

Bringing together the interior with the exterior, the clients requested a polished concrete entrance to compliment the stone and timber look that was being created.  With the added request of some illumination, this was a beautiful project watch come to life.

Day - Polished Concrete Entry.png

reflective sunset

Day%2FNight - Polished Concrete Entry.png


The entry to the home is adjacent to the garage and part of the extension, so new concrete was required for this project.  Blue metal aggregate with a strength of 32 MPA was poured, placed and finished with the help of CoyneCrete Solutions and Cuttin Edge Concreting.  When finishing this slab it was all in the detail to ensure the final polished product would stand out.  Finishing this slab the aggregate needed to be even through the surface,  ensuring no imperfections or marking from finishing and the  illuminated stones were seeded in the top layer with even coverage & depth.

This entry was required to sit for four weeks allowing it to cure and harden before starting the polishing process.  The grinding process removed the top layer of concrete to show a balance of exposed aggregate the full length of the entrance with a sprinkling of illuminated stones throughout.    This level of stone exposure is known as Full Exposure.

The exposed entry was then grouted to fill in any pin holes, to produce a smooth level surface.   The entry  was then polished to a Matte Finish,  and finished with two coats of penetrating sealer making it stain and slip resistant.

The end project is a beautiful entry with contrasting finishes between day and night which ties into the the polished concrete floor in the Family's Games Room.

This polished concrete floor was polished using the PYRAFloor Polishing System.  This system is a process which hardens and protects and seals the concrete floor for durability, long lasting, low maintenance space which is slip resistant and stain resistant.  


  • Concrete Pour, Place & Finish
  • Seeded Illuminated Stones
  • Polished Concrete Entry
  • Full Exposure
  • Matte Finish
  • PYRAFloor Polshing System
  • Slip & Stain Resistant

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