a) “Industrialised Wares” means Scott Lowery trading as Industrialised Wares (ABN 29 309 428 903) QBCC License Number 1183902 

b) “Terms” means these Terms and Conditions as set out by Industrialised Wares 

c) “Works” means any works performed by Industrialised Wares including Pouring, Grinding, Polishing and Sealing of Concrete 

d) “Customer” means the customer placing an order and any agent or representative of that customer 

e) “Concrete” means a product containing cement, sand and water, including once this product has set 

f) “Concrete Floor” means an area that works will be performed on 

g) “Pre-Cast Concrete” means any concrete product that has been poured into a pre-cast mould 

h) “Pouring” means the act placing and finishing any concrete products 

i) “Grinding” and “Polishing” means the act of using tools to remove and refine the surface of any concrete products 

j) “Sealing” means the application of sealants supplied by others 

k) “Polished Concrete” means Mechanically Polished Concrete 

l) “Grind and Seal” means Concrete that has been ground and sealed 

m) “GFRC” means Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete 

n) “Pre-Mix” means premixed concrete supplied by other parties 

o) “Aggregate” means stones in the concrete mix 

p) “Exposure” means the placement, consistency and look of Aggregate when exposed through grinding 

q) “Concrete Floor” means an area that works will be performed on 

r) “Deposit” means the amounts to be paid prior to commencement of works 

s) “Completion” means when all works have been completed in accordance scope of works outlined in quotation 


a) Before any works are performed by Industrialised Wares a formal quotation will be prepared and provided via email. 

b) This quotation will outline the scope the works for the customer, any variation to this quotation due to customer related changes, unforeseen expenses or request not outlined in the original quotation, will be considered a variation to the original quote and incur additional fees 

c) Any quotation provided by Industrialised Wares is valid for 90 days or as agreed to by Industrialised Wares 

d) Industrialised Wares requires a deposit of 25% prior to commencement of work. 

e) Industrialised Wares reserves the right to request up to 50% deposit prior to commencement of works on large scale jobs. 

f) Remaining payment due upon completion. 


a) Authority to proceed, (written, verbal or any other way conveyed); automatically constitutes acceptance of the quotation, all relevant documents supplied and of the above terms and conditions. 

b) Verbal acceptance of the original quotation is deemed acceptance of the Terms in their entirety 

c) Payment of Deposit is deemed acceptance of these Terms in their entirety 


a) Industrialised Wares requires the area where works to be performed are to be free of obstructions prior to commencement 

b) Industrialised Wares offers no guarantee on flaw that develop in the concrete over time due to inconsistent concrete mix, rising damp, cracking, staining of the concrete etc. 

c) Industrialised Wares offers no guarantee over pre-mix concrete 

d) Industrialised Wares endeavours to liaise with the customer, in order to optimise the chance of the best possible results for Works relating to Polishing and Grinding, we take no responsibility for the following: 

i) Exposure of aggregate achieved. For example, removal of footprints, screed marks or other defects left by the concreter may not be achievable. 

ii) Nil-Exposure finish may not achievable on all concrete. 

iii) Flaws that develop in the concrete over time due to inconsistent concrete mix, rising damp, cracking, staining of the concrete etc. 

iv) Concrete is a naturally porous product and can be subject to staining. This is not treated as a defect of the product. Should the concrete need to be upgraded additional costs may apply. 

v) It concrete is being poured to be polished, Industrialised Wares recommends the use of specialised polish pre-mix concrete. 

vi) Industrialised Wares takes no responsibility for concrete that has previously been poured 

e) If further grinding, repair or any other works are required, at the request of the customer Industrialised Wares will quote this as a variation to the original quote and additional work will commence upon acceptance by the Customer. Examples are: additional levelling, removal of bumps and hand levelling to window areas. 

f) Industrialised Wares only removes up to 5mm in its grinding, anything over this will be charged accordingly. 

g) The first stage of grinding (precut and seal) can only occur a minimum of Fourteen (14) days after the concrete is poured. Ideally this must be completed before any other construction work commences on the concrete. 

h) Industrialised Wares is not responsible for damage by any other trades or outside influences. Repairs for such will be treated and quoted as a variation to the original quote. 

i) The concrete floor between first and second stages is susceptible to staining – care needs to be taken to avoid food scraps or oils from timber products such as Masonite or Merbau seeping through. 

j) Should protection of the concrete floor be applied it is imperative that Plastic is not used at any stage to cover the concrete. Plastic sheets will cause the concrete to sweat and will damage the floor. 

k) Layers of carpet can be placed as doormats outside an open cut concrete floor (not inside as dye from the carpet may penetrate the concrete if wet) and a finished concrete floor. 

l) Doorway openings and access to the concrete floor must be a minimum 650mm wide to allow for grinder access. 

m) When working in the vicinity of plaster walls, doors and joinery, window frames, cabinetry and fixed appliances, we endeavour to be as careful as possible but take no responsibility for any unforeseen damage. 

n) Industrialised Wares will return (at an agreed stage in construction) to complete the second stage. This is recommended to be at plaster stage prior to skirting boards and joinery being fitted. 

o) All concrete floor surfaces are to be in the same condition as when Industrialised Wares left from the first stage. The floor must be swept and free from all building debris. 

p) Industrialised Wares is to be provided with clear vehicle and generator access to the site with a stable base. 

q) Disposal of bagged grinding dust, unless otherwise arranged is the responsibility of the Customer 

r) Grind and Seal floors vary as to the nature and inconsistencies of concrete, some topical sealers can adhere differently and roller marks may be visible in the end product. 

s) If choosing a Grind and Seal Floor swirl marks will be evident in finished product, Grind and Seal will be finished at 150grit diamond stage leaving scratch pattern evident in the surface of the concrete. Grind and Seal does not include any hardening of the concrete and Industrialised Wares offers no guarantee over slip resistance of topical sealers used for Grind and Seal Finishes. 

t) Back to base Smoke/Fire Alarms are to be isolated prior to any work being carried out 

u) Verbal Acceptance is deemed as completion of works 


a) Payment is accepted in the form of: Cash, Bank Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Direct Deposit. For internet banking Direct Deposit (EFT) we are aware that it can take up to three business days for funds to clear into the account. In such instances an email copy of the bank transfer receipt will be accepted. 

b) Industrialised Wares requires a deposit of 25% prior to commencement of work. 

c) Industrialised Wares reserves the right to request up to 50% deposit prior to commencement of works on large scale jobs. 

d) Remaining payment due upon completion. 

e) Payment terms are as stated above and in the quotation. An overdue amount may carry interest at the rate of 6% plus the Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate per annum from the due date of the payment in full. 

f) To secure payment of all fees dues or fees which may become due, the client hereby charges all of the clients interest in real property both present and future, and the client consents to the firm lodging a caveat or caveats noting its interest hereunder. 

g) Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by the Supplier in recovering any outstanding monies including debt collection agency fees and solicitor costs shall be paid by the Customer providing that these fees do not exceed the scale charges as charged by that debt collection agency/solicitor. 

h) Building and Constructions Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld). At Industrialised Wares discretion, if there are any disputes or claims for unpaid Works then the provisions of the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 may apply 


a) Industrialised Wares offers maintenance schedules at the completion of works for Polished Concrete including a sample of cleaning products designed to be used in conjunction with penetrating sealers applied to Polished Concrete. 

b) Cleaning products other than those provided and recommended by Industrialised Wares have different pH levels to Polished Concrete and can cause damage to floors. 

c) Steam Mops are not to be used on Polished Concrete or Sealed Floors 

d) Industrialised Wares can provide ongoing supply of recommended cleaning products at a Customers request which will incur an addition charge 

e) Industrialised Wares reserves the right to offer no warranty or guarantee of future slip ratings and wear if the maintenance program and recommended cleaning products are not adhered to. 

f) Please refer to our maintenance schedules for more information 

7) RISK 

a) Polished Concrete or Grind and Seal floors may be slippery, particularly when wet. Please take care as no responsibility is accepted. 

b) Industrialised Wares can supply wet and dry slip testing on Polished Concrete floors at additional charge, this is to be discussed prior to commencement of works. 

c) Industrialised Wares offers no future guarantee of future slip ratings. 

d) Industrialised Wares offers no slip testing on Grind and Seal floors